Saving Outlawed and Unwanted Lives

A Feral Cat Sanctuary

​​What is SOUL? 

​​ Saving ​Outlawed and ​Unwanted Lives, inc. is a no-kill, cage free facility for adult feral cats. It is located on a late 1800s, 5+ acre farmstead among the beautiful rolling hills of Chenango County In New York State.

 At SOUL cats are free to roam large, fenced in, outdoor areas where they have access to heated indoor rooms and many fully insulated outdoor shelters.

 SOUL does not adopt out any of its residents as they are not suited as "pets". SOUL cats have come from near and far and were brought here by caring individuals. At SOUL they can live out their lives in peace and harmony in a setting suited to their lifestyle.

Can I visit the sanctuary?

 No, the sanctuary is not open to the public, or for visitation.

What is your mission?

​  ​At SOUL we strive to provide feral cats with a home away from home, a haven safe from harm, a place where they can live out their lives in peace and harmony in a setting suited to their lifestyle.

Do you adopt out your cats, or take in kittens?

​​ No, SOUL does not adopt out any of its residents. . 

​ SOUL does not take in kittens as the sanctuary does not provide proper housing for little ones.

Do I need to make a monetary donation to place cats at SOUL, and why?

​Yes a donation of $3,000 (per cat) is required to place a cat at SOUL.  SOUL runs entirely on public donations, the intake donation is to cover some of the cost of the care of the cat at SOUL.

When I place cats at SOUL, will I receive regular updates?

​ Regular updates will not be provided.

​Will I be notified if a cat gets sick and/or dies?

​ No, notification of illness or death will not be sent.

If I change my mind, can I take the cat(s) back?

​Than will depend on the situation.

When I bring a cat to SOUL do I need to sign any paperwork?

​ Yes you will be required to sign a release agreement.